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not doing so welll

2010-07-01 14:30:50 by Kyosuchiru

So a lot of times i get reviews saying bad critiques about my videos. Thats good i love critiques. Lately I've been getting a lot of critiques about taking more time on my videos well i hae taken that into account and coming up with a new flash coming this month.

I just Started school lots of work i gotta do, and there probably will not be any video for
a while for those audience that actually like my work. Those of you who do not like my work, I do not have a problem, keep your opinions how they are, and being that there will not be not a whole lot of videos for a while, here is your happy days. Now you do not have to see my videos. Also, I do not have any inspiration, ideas, or anything of the sort. So, another reason why I will not have any more flash animation videos.

Thank You